Services for Adults

With 70 years of experience in helping visually impaired people develop life skills and achieve independence, we bring innovative programs and resources to Fayette County. Our services span a broad spectrum to meet the varied needs of those with vision impairment. We offer individual and group, life skills education sessions, transportation assistance, vision screenings, support group, information and referral services, and more. We work to help those we serve gain self-confidence, self-advocacy, and independence.

List of services we offer:

  • Life skills training at our agency and in client homes
  • Internet access and information technology instruction
  • Safety and prevention education programs
  • Vision screenings in schools, preschools, businesses, senior centers, nursing homes, and other institutions
  • Employment training
  • Escorted transportation
  • Social and recreational activities
  • Low vision aids and clinics
  • Designer and Fashion Frames for sale
  • Financial management assistance
  • Community service referrals
  • Support group
  • Seminars and educational programs
Grayson Smith a student at Asbury Christian Pre School has fun while getting a vision screening.

Services for Children

Pre-school Vision Screenings
One in every ten preschoolers have an undetected vision problem. Early intervention is crucial in preventing minimum vision loss. Our agency conducts more than 1,000 child vision screenings annually, referring 8% or more for further testing. Finding many of these vision problems early, ensures that the child does well in school and throughout adulthood.

Children Education Programs
Teaching children in schools how to protect their eyes, and exposing them to the abilities and talents people with vision loss have are ways that we provide education for children. Below are two programs for children:

C. Well Bunny Goes to School– An interactive program designed to introduce eye health and eye safety to preschoolers. Through this program, little learners will begin to understand the importance of their eyes, and remove any fears the children might have about the screening process.

Reckless, the Seeing Eye Dog
Join Reckless as he teaches children about safety precautions while playing. Children will also learn about eye sun safety. Presenters read the Reckless story using a story book, visual aids, and a large stuffed dog to symbolize Reckless. After the story the children will be screened for vision problems. Contact the Fayette County Association for the Blind if you would like to see this program at your school.

Services for Veterans

The Fayette County Association for the Blind works to ensure that the men and women who have given so much to our country will be well-served for the rest of their lives. Blinded Veterans Initiative -The Hadley Institute for the Blind is pleased to announce a new Blinded Veterans Initiative, officially unveiled on Veterans Day 2011. The goal of this new initiative is to educate and inspire blind or visually impaired veterans to pursue their personal and professional goals and help support their families. Visually impaired veterans, through Hadley’s Adult Continuing Education Program, and their family members, through the Family Education Program, can enroll in the school’s distance education courses tuition-free, thanks to the generous support of Goldman Sachs Gives.

Our fingerprints on the lives we touch never fade