Bowling Season is almost here again!

Mayor Bernie Kaseivch joined the HOMES Program students to discuss local government.

Home Orientation and Mobility Experiences at School  - HOMES Program

The HOMES Program

Due to the increasing demands placed upon students with visual impairments in their academic programs, there exists a need to find a way to effectively provide instruction in the area of life skills.

The Home Orientation and Mobility Experiences at School (HOMES) Program provides students who are blind or visual impaired with the opportunity to meet one day a month to learn compensatory skills, to carry out career exploration activities, to acquire orientation and mobility skills, and to practice appropriate social skills in a variety of educational and community settings.

Intermediate Unit 1 currently operates two HOMES programs: one based at the Fayette County Association for the Blind, and one based at the IU1 Educational Campus at Laboratory.

The primary program goal for the HOMES Program is to increase each student’s level of independence in the following life skills areas:

  • Food preparation skills
  • Shopping skills
  • Laundry skills
  • Cleaning skills
  • Recreation and leisure skills
  • Money management skills
  • Socialization skills
  • Orientation and mobility skills integrated across all instructional areas

Every year a theme is established and lessons focus on activities to build skills in that area. Themes from the past include money management, going green, back to basics, health and nutrition, and career cruising.

What Students Think About HOMES

There are so many things I could say about HOMES. I have been going there for 12 years and now I am graduating. I have washed dishes, done laundry, cooked without burning the building down, learned proper table manners, learned to balance a checkbook, bowled, ice skated and fell on my face. I live to tell the tale. HOMES has been one of the biggest parts of my life.

N.V., Grade 12


Patch Power

Patch Power is a new program that began in the fall of 2017.  It is a support group for parents of children with amblyopia, or children  newly prescribed eyeglasses. It can be a struggle for parents to help their children understand how important it is to follow the doctor's treatment plan by  wear the patch or eyeglasses. Our program will include fun incentive activities for the children and peer to peer support for the parents. For information to join Patch Power, call Kylie at 724-437--2791.


Produce to the People

Each month we assist our clients by helping them with a task that can be very difficult for them to manage.  Produce to People is the Food Bank’s large-scale produce distribution program. Each family receives 30-45 pounds of food, mostly fresh produce. Produce to People is an additional resource for our clients who have difficulty when their food supply ends before the month does. Getting to the Fayette County Fairgrounds and waiting in the long line to pick up the food in all kinds of weather is a daunting task for them.  Our staff has developed a partnership with the Produce to People staff so that we are able to pick up the food for the clients and deliver it directly to them!  This is a great help as you can read from the comments below.

"Since my vision diagnosis, I haven't been able to get out as much. The Fayette Blind Association offered me the Produce to People Program. I thought I'd have to find a way to go and pick it up, but to my surprise, they picked up my  produce and delivered the box right to my front door! Thanks FCAB!"

-A.D., Client


"I lost my leg due to my diabetes and I'm not able to get around as I once did. Fayette Blind Association offered the Produce to People Program. To my happiness and gratefulness, I receive a delivered surprise box of the most beautiful produce once a month."

-A. S., Client


"I couldn't get to the fairground every month, but with the help of the Fayette Blind Association and the monthly Produce to People Program, I get my  food delivered to my building every month with a smile!"

-J. S., Client



Bowling Season is here again!


January brings the start of the bowling league activity to our clients.  Each Friday the teams bowl and compete against each other.  The activity ends in May with a celebration announcing the winning team!

Clients who are interested in bowling should call Kylie at 724-437-2791 to register. Only limited transportation will be provided.

Yes We Can Activity Group

Yes We Can was chosen as the new name for the activity group of visually impaired clients who feel that they CAN do just about anything.  The group holds weekly activities that range from picnics, to walking, to music appreciation and meditation.  These activities are designed to provide social interaction for clients and to promote physical activity, independence, and a general feeling that anything is possible, even with a vision problem.

Join the group as they hold weekly activities.  Call 724-437-2791 and press 5 to leave a message for Bob or Fred if you would like more information on the Yes We Can group activities!

Reckless, the Seeing Eye Dog is just one of the education programs that we offer on eye safety for children.

 This eye safety program is offered to elementary school children.  If your school is interested, call our agency for more information.

This eye safety program is offered to elementary school children.  If your school is interested, call our agency for more information.

Child Education and Screening Programs

We offer education programs focusing on prevention of eye injuries and eye safety as well as child vision screenings throughout the community.


Yes We Can!

We provide vision screenings that help detect vision problems.

Activity Group

Our Activity Group has participated in bowling, art, exercise, pottery, container gardening, and more.  

We provide programs for blind and vision impaired adults throughout the community. Dress to Impress is just one of the programs offered to our clients. This 4 week program's message was "Look good, Feel Good". Clients were provided with skills in personal grooming, self-advocacy, and self esteem.  At the end of the program clients received a shopping experience through donated gift cards that allowed them to shop for a new outfit--which they wore to the celebration luncheon. Call our agency if you are interested in joining any activities.

Our winter bowling league is one of the most popular activities.

"The Bowling League gets me out of the house in the winter, and keeps me active. It's a great time with friends, and it keeps me from being depressed all winter long."        Jim, Client.

  Activity Group bowling banquet.  

 Activity Group bowling banquet.  

adult education and vision screenings

 We provide vision screenings for adults throughout the community.   Finding a vision problem early is important in adults too.  Using the Amsler Grid, we can help detect Age Related Macular Degeneration and refer an adult for treatment.  As it is in children, finding a vision problem early is essential to better eyesight.  Although the eye care professional may not be able to stop the progression of an eye disease, by our agency referring an adult to a medical professional, it may be possible to slow the progression of the disease.   

We provide free vision screenings for children and adults!

 When was your last eye exam?  We advocate for everyone to receive a complete eye exam annually.  We provide vision screenings that help detect vision problems.

When was your last eye exam?  We advocate for everyone to receive a complete eye exam annually.

We provide vision screenings that help detect vision problems.

Regarding our patient who was under treatment for café-au-lait spots, she was recently screened by the Fayette County Association for the Blind and they were suspicious of a lot of farsightedness. Sure enough, we checked her farsighted prescription and she was much more farsighted than I was suspicious of. Her cycloplegic refraction showed a lot of farsightednesss and some astigmatism.
— -Dr. P. Pediatric Ophthalmologist