Thank you to Alpha Veterinary Services, Advanced pet Grooming, LLC, and Blue Ribbon Dog Academy-our event sponsors!

Thank you to Alpha Veterinary Services, Advanced pet Grooming, LLC, and Blue Ribbon Dog Academy-our event sponsors!


First Annual Dog Jog for Sight a Success!

On October 6, 2018 from 1-4pm at Hutchinson Park in Hopwood we held the 1st Annual Dog Jog for Sight dog walking event. The event included lots of fun activities: pet photos, dog costume contest, pet trick contest, food, raffles, and great exercise for the participants and their dog! We registered a total of 28 dogs for this first event and we are excited to share information on Leader Dog for the Blind and the Fayette Blind Association Services and Programs. We hope each owner and dog liked the ‘doggie’ event bag and learned about blindness awareness during the event. We can’t wait for the event next year!

“We had so much fun at the Dog Jog for Sight! Sydney and I are already looking forward to next year!” -Bekka, participant.


We had so much fun at the Dog Jog for Sight! The pet costume contest was a lot of fun!

DogJog 2018.jpg

Did you know that Americans fear vision loss more than they fear

cancer, HIV/AIDS, stroke, heart disease, diabetes and other serious health problems?

We are terrified of an issue that we often know very little about.

The only way to face this fear is to become informed about the realities of vision loss. Fayette County Association for the Blind knows that while developing vision loss may be very difficult to face, it doesn’t have to mean that you can’t continue to lead a full, independent life. We provide support, activity groups, programs, and services for people with vision impairment. Many of our clients are older individuals that have been diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration, (AMD). An eye disease that affects the macula, a part of the retina. AMD is a common eye condition among people age 50 and older. It is a leading cause of vision loss in older adults. Other types of vision loss are due to Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma, Cataracts, Nystagmus, Retinitis Pigmentosa, and Neurological Vision Loss.  If you know someone who needs help with AMD or any other vision problem, call us at 724-437-2791.

 Click on Pay Pal below to donate! Thank you!

Click on Pay Pal below to donate! Thank you!


Fayette Blind Association is a private 501c3 non profit organization that relies on private donations as our main source of funding.  Please donate using the PayPal link above!  THANK YOU!

Our Commitment to Our Donors

We will not sell, share or trade our donors' names or personal information with any other entity, nor send mailings to our donors on behalf of other organizations.

This policy applies to all information received by Fayette County Association for the Blind, both online and offline, on any Platform ("Platform", includes the Fayette Blind Association website and mobile applications), as well as any electronic, written, or oral communications.

To the extent any donations are processed through a third-party service provider, our donors’ information will only be used for purposes necessary to process the donation.

All donations benefit individuals and families struggling with vision loss served by  Fayette County Association for the Blind.


Fayette County Association for the Blind
"Protecting eyesight and serving people who are vision impaired since 1946."

Fayette County Association for the Blind provides comprehensive, supportive services and programs that empower individuals with vision loss in Fayette County, PA to change their lives for the better-helping them regain their own independence.


We empower people with vision loss.

We have launched:

·      computer classes with valuable job training and internship opportunities,

·      programs for self-esteem building such as art classes and ‘Dress to Impress’ a program providing self-esteem skills necessary in dress for employment, grooming and feelings of confidence.


We advocate for our clients.

We promote independence. We also educate communities to increase understanding and awareness.


We encourage prevention through annual eye exams.

We provide prevention screenings and information annually to more than 3,500 county residents of all ages.


The Fayette County Association for the Blind is a non-profit organization that has been serving the visually impaired of Fayette County since 1946.

The focus of the Fayette County Association of the Blind is to assist in the prevention of blindness and to provide aid to those who are visually impaired through various services and programs.

The Association works closely with the Bureau of the Blind and Visual Services, the Veterans Administration, and other community partners to ensure that those in need are being served efficiently, effectively, and respectfully.

The Association is a member agency of the Pennsylvania Association of the Blind, an organization that is dedicated to preventing, preparing for, and managing vision loss for Pennsylvania across the Commonwealth.

 Your donation helps those in need

Your donation helps those in need

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Fayette County Association for the Blind  provides services without regard to race, sexual orientation, religion, additional disabilities, and ethnic origin to individuals who are blind and those who have low vision living in Fayette County, PA>